A completely unique nocturnal wildlife encounter, this tour provides a great thing to do in the Margaret River Region when the sun goes down. Affectionately known by the tour guides as the ‘Kung Fu Quokka’ of the South West, you will see mini marsupials called Woylies that will definitely provide your family with the “wow” factor.

Holidays are about creating lasting memories and there’s nothing better than returning from your trip with some interesting stories to tell.

Here at South West Eco Discoveries we have been helping visitors create memories of the Margaret River Region by providing one-of-a-kind tours that are suitable for all ages.

Below you will find a small selection of some memorable moments we have had on the tour, the first encounter is told by tour guide and local wildlife rescuer extraordinaire Mick White, the second is described by a satisfied customer on TripAdvisor.

“It was a perfectly still summer night where the Milky Way could be clearly seen packed full of millions of bright stars, satellites whizzing around and the smell of eucalyptus trees in the air. The tour always starts with a gentle rattle of the food tin and a quick ‘woylie woylie woylie’ call to bring the animals out of hiding and it wasn’t long before the noise of animals could be heard scuttling through the thick bushland in every direction. Suddenly, movement could be vaguely seen hopping and scurrying around the outskirts of the viewing area, and right away into our vision at close range. Captivating our guests, the bizarre Woylies came jumping up to us in search of their nightly supplementary feed. Before long we were surrounded by multiple Southern Brown Bandicoots, Possums, mini fluttering insectivorous bats and the sound of laughing Kookaburras in the distance as the last moments of twilight fades away. ‘Thump thump thump’. Something a little larger comes bounding into the light: Karri, one of the orphan kangaroos and regular visitor appeared, greeting our guests with her big brown eyes and fluttering lashes, beckoning for a back scratch and some roo muesli.

Family tour group at the start of our Nocturnal Animal Tour - Meet the Woylies